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I have been travelling a lot these past few months and hence have not had any posts. I am back after my travels and happy to write that Quilling Supplies in India have come a long way and in fact arts and crafts stores in general. While in Bangalore I went to a store called Itsy Bitsy Crafts and found such an array of quilling strips and tools. I was also surprised to find quilling kits with all the supplies teaching Worli Art and other art forms. It was very nice to see quilling as art form becoming so popular among both kids and adults alike.

I of course bought many strips and some tools and did quite a few cards,money pouches and framed quilling pieces. Here are some pictures of the store and some of my work. I also did have another quilling enthusiast Lakshmi comment on my earlier post and mention another great source for quilling supplies called Thank you for that resource Lakshmi.

I appreciate all your comments and please do keep it coming.


Customized Quilling Pieces

My first exhibition cum sale last year was very fun and satisfying to do and the wonderful outcome of that was a lot of people wanting specialized cards, quilled canvas pieces and even custom money/gift-card holders.

One of them was to quill a Ganesha and though I had never done it before there was plenty of guidance in the online quilling world and I created my first Ganesha themed quilling work. The frame shown in this collection was a part of my exhibition although in a different color and size and I customized it with a specific color and a bigger size.

I am always amazed what started as learning a new hobby to keep my mind active has turned out to be such an enriching experience and something I will always have with me.
Follow your passion, practice and do not be afraid to showcase your creations.

Color Paper Art

Paper art encompasses such a broad spectrum of creativity. In one of my previous posts I had mentioned how I was working on Toilet Paper Roll art and the many beautiful designs I am able to create with this simple product. As I keep browsing the internet I see so many different kinds of paper art. I see art created with old magazine pages, paper towel, coffee filters, tissue paper etc. One’s imagination seems to be the limit and thanks to the virtual artistic community, inspiration is boundless.

I hope you enjoy my digressions into color paper art and thanks to all these wonderful ideas, I see every paper and paper product as a potential candidate to be transformed to something different and beautiful than its original form.

Spreading the joy of Quilling to kids

Its summer and that means kids are home and looking for that well deserved break from the school year.It is a great time to learn new skills in a very fun and relaxed way. My daughter’s friend approached me to teach her children and a few others the art of quilling and I was very happy to oblige.

I conducted a one week camp and started from the basics and had them quill a little box and a card as a finished project. The kids enjoyed the time to tap into their creative side. I also gently directed them to the various resources on the Internet, and they took it and ran with it and created so many things on their own.

There is an old Chinese proverb that says “Learning is a treasure which accompanies its owner everywhere.”, I hope this treasure of quilling is with them throughout their life and they enjoy it and continue to create and pass this joy on to others.

Here are some pictures from the camp and their finished projects.


Trash to Treasure

I have not blogged in two months and there is a good reason for that. I have stopped quilling while I explore other beautiful creations that people around the world are doing. As I surf the web or look through the very addictive Pinterest I found so much inspiration but the one that fascinated me the most was Toilet Paper Roll Art.

I am sure you are thinking ‘this can’t be true’ but the amazing things that one can create from this mostly useless and almost always recycled material is mind blowing.

I spent a good amount of time looking at many videos and came up with some of my own pieces of art. I have even combined quilling and TPR Art to make a canvass. I hope you are inspired by this to diversify and look at new things to add to your crafting repertoire.

Mixed Media Quilling

Mixed Media Card

My niece recently presented me with a mixed media canvas and I had not heard about this till then. She explained to me how mixing different media like paint, paper and other things can create beautiful art. Once I researched this concept I found so many people working on so many wonderful mixed media projects. I also worked on a mixed media art piece on a canvas with my daughter and it was a wonderful experience.

I decided to incorporate mixed media and quilling and create a few cards. It was a great experience and just when I feel that I have seen it all, I am introduced to a new concept. Art is so inclusive that I am able to include these new art forms with my quilling to expand my repertoire.

Valentine’s Again

I cannot believe that I have been blogging for two years now, and I am so thankful for all that quilling has provided me. I have kept myself busy with creating quilling pieces and done two quilling exhibitions and my first quilling sale. I have met many artists some of whom are half my age or less, and it has been wonderful to learn from them and teach them skills I have acquired.

Learning other skills like navigating the internet has been the best part of learning quilling. It is definitely beneficial to learn something new and the eagerness to perfect it is a wonderful way to see time fly by.

Simple Inspirations

Being a part of the Holiday Fair in December was a very fulfilling experience and I had a few custom orders that I received after that. Working on ideas that were conceived by the customer was a different experience as one has to remember that the vision is dictated by the client versus the self.

I have always stressed the importance of getting inspired by simple things in my previous posts and I am continuing with that theme.  It is the translation of that image into the medium that one works with, be it quilling, mixed media, painting or even sewing that reflects the creativity of the artist.  I have purposely included the things that inspired me to emphasize really how ordinary they can be.

Sometimes of course I look at certain things and just want to replicate it because it is just so beautiful and one of the cards in the collection is like that and I would like to acknowledge Pritesh  who blogs at Quilling Me Softly.

Here are some ways to get inspired:

  1. Browse through Pinterest, it is a great resource to get ideas.
  2. Take a walk in your neighborhood and observe the plants, trees and it is amazing the things you will find.
  3. Magazines and newspaper advertisements are another very good source.
  4. Birthday, wedding and other cards you might receive in the mail have lovely designs that you can re purpose.

Hope this inspires you to look at the mundane everyday things with more attention.

Quilling Creations at the Holiday Faire

When I took up Quilling as a hobby I was not sure what to expect but on the day of the exhibition and sale I was so happy that other folks loved my work enough to buy them to be a part of their holiday gifts. When I saw the display of all my creations it was quite overwhelming and I did not realize how just making two or three things daily for a few months resulted in all those things. I was humbled to see how everyone embraced my creations and wanted to know more and even learn this art. The ultimate joy of learning a new hobby is being able to pass it on to others.

Some tips if you would like to have a sale of your creations:

  1. Visit a few exhibitions before hand to see how the items are displayed and priced
  2. Understand the community in which you are having your exhibition, it especially helps with pricing things.
  3. Take the time to have an inventory of all the things you create so you do not miss anything on the day of the show.
  4. A couple of days before the exhibition recreate your display at home and that gives an idea of how it will look and also make it easier on the day of the event.
  5. Make sure you take care of the little details like cash register, bags and packing material for the items you sell etc.
  6. Standing at exhibitions can be very tiring so make sure you have plenty of water and nuts and food to snack on. Take help from friends and family to help you at the booth.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and hope this inspires you to take your creations on the road for the world to enjoy.