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I have been travelling a lot these past few months and hence have not had any posts. I am back after my travels and happy to write that Quilling Supplies in India have come a long way and in fact arts and crafts stores in general. While in Bangalore I went to a store called Itsy Bitsy Crafts and found such an array of quilling strips and tools. I was also surprised to find quilling kits with all the supplies teaching Worli Art and other art forms. It was very nice to see quilling as art form becoming so popular among both kids and adults alike.

I of course bought many strips and some tools and did quite a few cards,money pouches and framed quilling pieces. Here are some pictures of the store and some of my work. I also did have another quilling enthusiast Lakshmi comment on my earlier post and mention another great source for quilling supplies called Thank you for that resource Lakshmi.

I appreciate all your comments and please do keep it coming.


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