Cards to Frames

I started quilling by making simple designs on cards and then progressed to quilling on pots, gift boxes and gift bags, but as I started looking at paintings I thought about framing quilled creations. This idea was very appealing, and around the same time my son was opening a new office space and I decided to gift to him a couple of frames with my quilled creations in them. I recently did the same for my daughter who remodeled her house.

Creating a quilling piece for framing was really very interesting and picking the right frame and matte totally enhanced the designs. I hope this inspires you to elevate your creations to higher levels.

Summer Designs

I am visiting my daughter in the US after a very long time and it feels good to be back here. It is summer here and school is ending for my grandkids and it is time to give end of school year gifts. I decided to take some simple bags and embellish them with great designs. Taking simple, easy to get and inexpensive products and turning them to great pieces is something I enjoy doing a lot. It also adds a personal touch to any gift.

Hope you enjoy these creations and get inspired to turn simple into stellar.

Spring has sprung

I have been travelling a bit these days and wherever I go I see new leaves,buds and spring flowers. I enjoy quilling flowers, so this time I have gone back to my love of flowers and have quilled quite a few cards with flowers. I also happened to browse through a book on textiles and took inspiration from some wonderful designs on fabrics. It is amazing how you can find ideas for quilling in so many obvious and unexpected places.
I hope you too get inspired from the normal everyday things you see to create something wonderful.

2 years and quilling

I did not blog in January as my daughter and her family visited India and it was wonderful to spend time with them. It is unbelievable as I look back on my previous posts that it has been two years since I started this blog and making quilled cards is now an integral part of my daily routine. Considering I don’t often get to meet many people who quill, I have learnt to navigate the digital world. I see many folks in my age who shy away from this, but I have found it to be so informative and enriching. Through blogs, You Tube videos and other posts I have learnt so much and I hope my blog has been useful to a few along the way.

It is February which means I had to make at least one Valentine card and the others are colorful flowers which I absolutely enjoy quilling. I hope this year is a happy and healthy one for all, and I do encourage you all to take up that hobby you have always wanted to get to.

Happy Quilling!

Holiday Season

The first Quilling Workshop that I conducted was a great success and the participants were varied in age. It was very encouraging to see all the participants dive into learning this new art. I started by teaching them basic shapes and demonstrated how these basic shapes could be made into more complex designs. For the quick learners I also had some difficult designs which some of the participants got to. I had a great time sharing my skill with so many people. I am very encouraged by all the comments about my work, that I received during my exhibition and workshop.Thank You! The first few pictures are from the Quilling Workshop that I conducted.

Christmas is always an exciting time of the year. It is time for family, holidays, reflections and of course feasting!
For my quilling , there is lot to get inspired from ….. The trees, the candles, the gifts ,the star and so on.
I have used a few of these for my Xmas collection this year. I have also tried to interpret mosaic designs through Quilling.
I wish everyone a Happy and safe holiday season and see you back in the New Year.


Quilling Exhibition & Workshop

The exhibition was a very exciting moment in my “quilling life”.
It was attended by about 50 people and it was made possible by my niece Vijayalakshmi Rao who
initiated and organized the event. The display and infrastructural support was provided by my
daughter-in–law, Rekha Rangaraj ( My thanks to both of them.

Of course, there was a lot of encouragement from my children and the rest of my extended family, without whom I would not have been able to pursue this hobby….

The response to the event was encouraging and I am conducting a workshop at the same venue.The
details are as follows:
Date: Nov16th
Place: IIT Club Exhibition Location

New 61 (Old 30 ), 3rd street,
East Abhiramapuram, Mylapore,
Chennai 600004
Tel: 044-45534441/044-45534409






Details to register: Please send an email to Register for workshop if you would like to register for the event.

I have also posted a few photographs from the exhibition which were taken by my granddaughter
Arthi Rangaraj!

Quilling Exhibition at IIT Club, Chennai

I am very excited to be having my first quilling exhibition at the IIT Club in Chennai on Nov 6th between 5-7pm. On display will be a lot of my quilling creations, so if you live in Chennai or happening to be visiting Chennai and are interested in Quilling I would like to invite you to come and spend some time at the exhibition. I am looking forward to meeting all the quilling enthusiasts.

As an added attraction there will be a sale of paper craft gift items by Abirami Jawahar of Lotus.

Please do click on this link for more details on the QUILLING EXHIBITION.

Exhibition Location

New 61 (Old 30 ), 3rd street,
East Abhiramapuram, Mylapore,
Chennai 600004.

Tel: 044-45534441/044-45534409


Diwali and Gift Boxes

Happy Diwali to everyone visiting my site !
The festive season is here and with Diwali round the corner, giving sweets and gifts in specially decorated gift boxes are quite the tradition these days. I have worked on gift boxes and of course Diwali cards during this month. The mixing and matching of quilled flowers ,bows and other embellishments gives rise to endless possibilities. I have used recycled cardboard boxes and it is amazing how different they look after they have been decorated with the quilled flowers! The cards have the have quilled lamps ,crackers and rangolis but no sweets!

Send out a few hand made cards and sweets in gift boxes this year, to give a special personal touch to your greetings.

Textile Prints of India

In my years as the wife of a Naval Officer I have traveled to many states in India and seen first hand the various cultures,food and textiles of those regions. I draw my inspiration for the cards this month, from these travels. Whether it is the Warli print of Gujarat,Madurai Chungudi or the Bandini from Rajasthan the details and style are so unique and wonderful. Making some of these cards was a very time consuming and a challenging project but I have been very happy with the result. I hope to add more to this collection in the future.
Always be inspired by the things around you!

Designs with the crimper tool

A big part of keeping the interest in a new hobby is learning new skills, techniques and working with various tools. I had the crimper tool with me for a long time and have dabbled with it a little but decided to work more with it this month. My research took me to so many sites and I viewed so many wonderful things quillers have done with the crimper tool.

I have a picture of the tool itself and some basics of how to use it, and with it are the cards and bag that I worked on. It was hard initially to visualize the designs but with a little inspiration from pictures in pinterest and you tube videos I was able to work up some creations of my own.

Hope this inspires you to work with that tool in your hobby kit that you have always put away to learn for later. As always I invite you to post your comments and your creations