Diwali and Gift Boxes

Happy Diwali to everyone visiting my site !
The festive season is here and with Diwali round the corner, giving sweets and gifts in specially decorated gift boxes are quite the tradition these days. I have worked on gift boxes and of course Diwali cards during this month. The mixing and matching of quilled flowers ,bows and other embellishments gives rise to endless possibilities. I have used recycled cardboard boxes and it is amazing how different they look after they have been decorated with the quilled flowers! The cards have the have quilled lamps ,crackers and rangolis but no sweets!

Send out a few hand made cards and sweets in gift boxes this year, to give a special personal touch to your greetings.

Diwali – Festival of Lights

Happy Deepavali to everyone!

The festival of lights is certainly inspiring. The theme, of triumph of good over evil, always fills people with hope. You only have to look at the lamps and of course the sweets, to start getting ideas to make cards! It is one of the important festival for Indians all over, and a time when we meet friends and family and exchange greetings, sweets and good cheer. A hand made quilled Diwali card will certainly add more spark to the day. Here is my collection of cards for this month with Diwali as the theme.