Stretching the imagination

I have been busy these last few weeks and the result is that I have combined my postings for September and October…. Nothing kept me away quilling though!

I tried a few new techniques and surfaces .I made a few cards and bags.Bags are the flavor of the season as they make interesting ” tamboolam bags” for Navarathri.Here are a few pictures of the bags.

I am currently in Australia and of course a trip to the craft shop is high on my ” to do ” list. I was rummaging through the shelves of ” spotlight” ( a craft and haberdashery shop ) and found hardboard cutouts in interesting shapes for scrap booking and I wondered how it would serve as a base for fridge magnets .I got a few of them as they were quite cheap and as luck would have it there was a packet of magnetic dots that were on sale as well! I created my first fridge magnet(flower design inspired by creations in
This is the result…….

Going through a few more aisles I came across stretched canvasses. My imagination went a bit further and the temptation of quilling on surfaces larger than cards got quite strong and I bought a pack of four 20x20cm stretched canvas.
I started out to do a bowl of fruit but ended up with a bunch of grapes!It was a joint project with my daughter who shares my love for quilling.

A few cards got made as well,in addition to the other exciting projects .

Until next time, keep stretching that imagination!