Inspiration from interests

I have a lot of interests apart from quilling, I learned to sew and knit at a young age and have created many a dress for my children. It was the age before ready made clothes and we had to buy material, sew and embellish with our own embroidery or patch work designs. I also learned how to knit and have done many a project. Rangoli, the art of making decorative designs with rice flour, sand or even flower petals is one of my very favorite things to do. The designs can range from simple designs to elaborate ones and even that of Hindu deities. Cooking is another of my passions and I have always enjoyed following and creating recipes.

All of these interests and passions have inspired me in my latest hobby of quilling and this month my cards are a reflection of one of my interests, Rangoli. A lot of the cards and bags have been inspired by traditional Rangoli designs that I draw even today on a daily basis. When I am looking for new ideas for my quilling projects I reach into my past and think about my other interests, and see how I can draw inspiration from them.

Whenever you are starved of ideas for your projects reach in and explore your other passions and great works of joy will unfold. Keep getting inspired from your interests!!