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I have dabbled with quilling jewellery but this month I decided to make a few more complicated danglers. The simple shapes and patterns around us provides so much inspiration for creating these pieces. Also having just gone through the Diwali season I decided to beautify the simple clay lamp with quilled creations to suit this most colorful and joyous occasion. Some refrigerator magnets also got thrown into the mix.

I periodically browse my favorite blogs and websites and I came across quilled bracelets and tried my hand at these. I have just created one and looking forward to quilling more of them. I have suddenly realized I am able to finish projects in a smaller time frame than before and I think constant practice just lends itself to this.

Continue practicing and perfecting your skills and the experience just keeps getting more and more rewarding.


Quilling Jewellery

Jewellery has fascinated women since time immemorial and it is something that transcends cultures and countries. Even little girls show an affiliation to it at a very young age. Jewellery has been made with all types of mediums whether it is metals, natural fiber or paper.

Quilling jewellery is but a natural extension of this love of jewellery. Whether it is jewellery that can be actually worn or cards that show this, creativity is at its best here. These are some cards that show this universal love.

The next time you want to gift something unique, look for quilled jewellery and you won’t go wrong with that choice.