Teaching is a joy

I enjoy spending time with all my grandchildren in different ways and each one has hobbies that I try to learn a little about so I can be a part of their life. During one of her visits in summer my 9 year old granddaughter observed me quilling and was intrigued by what it was, and asked if she could do it to. So of course I decided to teach her and at that time I was quilling designs for about 40 bags so I appreciated all the help. She caught on to it quite well and helped me everyday and it was very enjoyable and we built some great memories together.

She went back and insisted her mother get her a first quilling set and she made a card for my birthday and sent it to me, it was quite special. This summer she decided to help me in another project, by making all the basic shapes and here I have some pictures of her creations and the other cards that I have made show how you can take those basic shapes and create designs as complicated or simple that your imagination dreams.

The art of quilling is mastering the basic shapes and then letting your imagination take flight in creating other designs with them. I am happy I was able to expose this art to her and maybe someday when she is old and gray like me it will keep her busy, active and engaged like it does for me. I hope you too will be inspired to share your hobby with another and you will see that it will enrich your life as much as it does theirs.