Gift Bags, Tags & Pouches

Gift Bags, Money Pouches & Gift Tags

Whether it is a simple occasion or a grand event receiving and giving gifts is part of all festivities. Whether the gift is money or an article, these days the containers that hold the gifts are as elegant as the gift itself. Gone are the days when people gave gifts in just any envelope or bag. When I started quilling I initially did restrict myself to making cards but one day I had to give a gift to somebody and found only a plain envelope at hand when I realized quilling on an envelope or a plain paper bag would personalize the gift even more.

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I began experimenting with quilling on plain bags and I quickly realized the possibilities are endless as the designs can be made as simple or elaborate as you wish.My daughter liked the bags so much that she took them with her to the US where she uses it as ‘Tamboolam’ bag(a return gift bag given during the festival season). A plain simple bag becomes so unique and a keepsake in itself. I have also created gift tags and money pouches.

I hope this inspires you put in that extra special touch in everything that you create.


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