Hello Quilling world!

I decided to call the title of this post ‘Hello Quilling world!’. This is my first ever post and am excited to be starting this new project at the age of 73. I hope to connect with my fellow quilling enthusiasts both in India and around the world.

I have been quilling for about 3 years now and have decided to start my own little blog to showcase my creations.

I worked on this project with my daughter and together we created this card on the occasion of Dusserah. I was inspired to do the craft after visiting this site. It depicts Goddess Durga who is worshiped during this festival.



Goddess Durga

5 thoughts on “Hello Quilling world!

  • Hi Aunty,
    These are so amazing. I really loved the card for Ajay, couldn’t have said it better any other way.
    And even more thrilled that you’re now a blogger.

    Keep quilling and blogging!


  • Aunty – kudos on starting this fascinating journey! I love the cards – especially the one you created for dussera 🙂 Your terracotta project turned out nicely. I’m going to email Vasudha some more ideas to help with quilling on different media. Keep up the great work!

  • Dear Aunty, I really enjoyed looking at your blog. Your work is lovely and inspiring. Please continue to blog and share your wonderful artwork with us. Best regards, Aparna

  • Aunty – I have had the pleasure of learning to quill from you and admired the cards you have made – especially ones that you design yourself for an occasion. You have a creative streak with crafts, cooking and singing. I am very happy to see you embracing the internet and sharing your creations in your own blog.

  • Dear Aunty,

    Fantastic! The artworks are very creative.

    Wishing you all the best for your new blog!


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