Quilling Creations at the Holiday Faire

When I took up Quilling as a hobby I was not sure what to expect but on the day of the exhibition and sale I was so happy that other folks loved my work enough to buy them to be a part of their holiday gifts. When I saw the display of all my creations it was quite overwhelming and I did not realize how just making two or three things daily for a few months resulted in all those things. I was humbled to see how everyone embraced my creations and wanted to know more and even learn this art. The ultimate joy of learning a new hobby is being able to pass it on to others.

Some tips if you would like to have a sale of your creations:

  1. Visit a few exhibitions before hand to see how the items are displayed and priced
  2. Understand the community in which you are having your exhibition, it especially helps with pricing things.
  3. Take the time to have an inventory of all the things you create so you do not miss anything on the day of the show.
  4. A couple of days before the exhibition recreate your display at home and that gives an idea of how it will look and also make it easier on the day of the event.
  5. Make sure you take care of the little details like cash register, bags and packing material for the items you sell etc.
  6. Standing at exhibitions can be very tiring so make sure you have plenty of water and nuts and food to snack on. Take help from friends and family to help you at the booth.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and hope this inspires you to take your creations on the road for the world to enjoy.

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