Quilling my garden

It is no surprise that I love flowers and enjoying quilling flowers of different kinds. I am an avid gardener and have had the pleasure of tending to huge gardens in the various houses that I have lived in. These past weeks I was browsing through all my old photo albums and the pictures of the gardens and flowers inspired me to come up with these creations. The orchid and the bunch of yellow flowers are an inspiration from Inna’s creation.
I have had a lot of comments on people wanting to learn this wonderful art and I am happy to teach. Please do send me an email using the contact page on this blog. It is so convenient to pursue this hobby as most of the big cities have shops which carry quilling supplies.

If you are in a city other than Chennai and pursue this hobby I would love for you to post the name of the shop, address and phone number of your favorite quilling supply shop.
Enjoy the flowers and keep the comments coming.

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