Reusing invitation cards

My daughter-in-law who is an event planner helps design a lot of wedding cards and I collect some of the samples and try to reuse them. I am always fascinated how a simple card can be taken to the next level with just a little touch of creativity.

This particular card had the gorgeous lotus on it and I decided to add the ‘Aum’ symbol and other decorative touches to it and create a card.The ‘Aum’ symbol which is thought to embody the essence of the universe and the lotus which symbolizes the place of Brahma’s birth are very auspicious symbols in Hinduism.

Om and Lotus Card

The second card that I reused lent it itself to having a single motif and I decided to create the traditional mango design. Hope these creations inspire you to take a second look at the invitations that you receive.

Mango Motif

2 thoughts on “Reusing invitation cards

  • Aunty, I like both your creations in your latest post – reusing invitation card. They are simple and elegant. Good colour combination too.


  • HI Lalitha !

    I liked both of you cards.I too try to reuse invitaion cards by making envelopes out of them.

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