Welcome to my world of Quilling Creations!

IMG_0877I started dabbling with Quilling in Australia and loved the wonderful creations that are possible with this. I can’t remember the last time I entered a card shop!. I am proof to the fact that a hobby can be picked up at any age. I started creating these wonderful paper crafts at the age of 70 and I now quill at least an hour a day. The pleasure in researching,learning and creating the crafts is priceless.

I enjoy browsing the internet in search of new ideas and techniques and apply them to my projects. These are some of the websites that I have visited and derived my inspiration from. I live in Chennai, India and am able to get my supplies right here in the city. I specialize in quilling cards, though one of my latest project involved quilling on a terracotta pot.

I am lucky to have my family members who encourage and support me in this endeavor. I am now the official supplier of birthday cards to all of my family members.

The picture below shows my first attempt at quilling on a medium other than paper and I was very excited how this creation turned out.


Quilling on a pot