Simple Inspirations

Being a part of the Holiday Fair in December was a very fulfilling experience and I had a few custom orders that I received after that. Working on ideas that were conceived by the customer was a different experience as one has to remember that the vision is dictated by the client versus the self.

I have always stressed the importance of getting inspired by simple things in my previous posts and I am continuing with that theme. It is the translation of that image into the medium that one works with, be it quilling, mixed media, painting or even sewing that reflects the creativity of the artist. I have purposely included the things that inspired me to emphasize really how ordinary they can be.

Sometimes of course I look at certain things and just want to replicate it because it is just so beautiful and one of the cards in the collection is like that and I would like to acknowledge Pritesh who blogs at Quilling Me Softly.

Here are some ways to get inspired:

  1. Browse through Pinterest, it is a great resource to get ideas.
  2. Take a walk in your neighborhood and observe the plants, trees and it is amazing the things you will find.
  3. Magazines and newspaper advertisements are another very good source.
  4. Birthday, wedding and other cards you might receive in the mail have lovely designs that you can re purpose.

Hope this inspires you to look at the mundane everyday things with more attention.

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