Quilling Supplies in Chennai

In my early days of quilling I carried the supplies for my projects from Australia, after all that is where I was introduced to and developed this hobby of paper quilling. I estimated fairly well how much I would need and thought I was well equipped for a while, but I experimented a fair bit and soon found I was running out of strips of paper and other things I needed. Being dependent on my daughter for the supplies seemed a bit tedious so I decided to look in Chennai for sources. To my surprise I found this store called ‘TINA’ Art & Craft shop in Vadapalani and was surprised to find that they carried quilling essentials like various color paper strips,tools etc. It was a great find and I am happy to be self sufficient in Chennai where I can get all my supplies.

Below are some pictures of the shop and creations I made after stocking up from TINA. If you know of other quilling suppliers in India please do write the details by commenting to this posting.

I am also on the look out for fellow quillers who share a passion of this craft in Chennai and will be excited to view your creations and learn a little about how you developed this hobby. If you happen to read this posting and would like to meet please do send me a mail through my Contact page.

Don’t keep your hobby on hold for lack of supplies, look around and explore your city and you are sure to find what you need to be creative.