Testimonials received from the Quilling Exhibition and Workshop

“It was a great experience to see the wonderful artwork done by Mrs. Lalitha.
Even as a person she came across as a vibrant lady with lots of positive energy.
She is a great inspiration!! Thanks for the invite.”
S Sen, IT entrepreneur
“Lalitha’s work/art was absolutely fascinating & beautiful & I really loved it. Her enthusiasm is astounding & I was really grateful for her little demo! My best regards to her!”
S Das, Trainer & Insurance Consultant
“It was my pleasure to be a part of such a beautiful show. Your aunt has become a source of inspiration for me.”
K Rangan, Owner, Eurokids International-T.Nagar Center
“It was really a awesome event. One must have lot of patience and creativity to do such wonderful minute things. My heartiest Congratulations to Mrs.Lalitha Ramanarasiah. She is definitely a role model that, Ladies can do lot of things at very low cost, at any age and very unique also.”
V. Ramalakshmi
“It was indeed an eye opening experience to see what different designs can be made from quilling. It seems to be a simple handwork that many can learn and create things out of. The particular piece which caught my attention was – farm fresh made by your aunt. It seemed the vegetables will indeed jump onto our table, ready to eat. Such was the minute detailing and wonderful quilling done by your aunt.
She could consider recording her workshop and putting it up on places like youtube and also consider a q&a online/via e-mail – sort of Quilling expert guiding other quillers and sharing experiences across the globe. Am not sure if she is already doing this. Just a small suggestion from my end.”
L Narasimhan, Independent Consultant